"A driving force for enlightentment."


To eliminate the stereotypes and stigmas that defame cannabis users and give back to the cannabis community while doing so. We want to promote self-improvement, creativity, expansion, growth and a healthier lifestyle in which we believe cannabis can play an important role. Our top priority is to raise the standards for consumers, employees and our community.


We believe the effects of cannabis can be a mind altering, eye opening experience. It can be used as a tool to open your mind and enhance emotions, sensations and experiences. This can help change your perspective and propel you towards spiritual enlightenment. Cannabis has helped us realize our inspiration, to grow, expand, and spread this experience to others. It has become our goal to make it as easy as possible for our community to access cannabis products for its mental and physical benefits, while also providing educational resources to demonstrate the many uses and forms of effective practice. We hope to start a movement of happiness, spiritual enlightenment and a better understanding of oneself, which we envision will someday sweep not only our city but the whole world.